Now that I know where I belong to, it feels like freedom. I’m an outdoor nerd and adventure junkie, who gets bored after some months of being landlocked in a big city. I need being active outside and exploring my surrounding as a balance to the hustle of living in a city. Growing up as a country girl in the Black Forest Highlands, where your playground are the outdoors – because there isn’t much around – formed my character in that way, too. Why was I ignoring the very obvious, when I first started out being a self-employed freelancer in 2017? Because I didn’t know better! One and a half years later, I know what I want. Like everything else, it was a learning experience. I’m proud that I was patient with myself and gave me the freedom to start this journey.

So here it comes: MY WHY’S for working in the sports, outdoor and adventure industry.



1. They’re my passions

I know what I’m talking about, when I write about surfing in Bali, snowboarding and skiing in the Black Forest, the Swiss and Austrian Alps, going horse riding in Western, English or Spanish style, going mountain biking or hiking in the Black Forest and Alps, learning how to kitesurf, accomplishing a diving license, standing on a sub, living in a camper, traveling as a backpacker and much more – because I’ve done it all. And I won’t stop trying out new things and exploring the world, as it’s just too much fun not to do so. I constantly feel the travel bug – it started early – and I always make fun about how my parents where the reason for my gipsy lifestyle. They’re experienced travelers by themselves and already took me on journeys to foreign countries when I was in my mom’s belly. It’s in my genes 🙂

On the other hand, I hold a Master’s degree in Marketing at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. I live for good stories that are inspiring, entertaining and engaging. I prefer to create content that really matters. It’s exciting to research, test and finally hit the nail on the head when finding a way to communicate with an audience.

In a nutshell, I’m a freelancer with both a passion for marketing communications and for the outdoor sports, travel and adventure industry. I bring past, present and future experiences to life using the right medium, so their story is/will be told.



2. The people are everything 

Working in the sports, outdoor and adventure industry has brought me together with so many like-minded and inspiring people. I look up to many of them, hungry for learning more and enjoying both their laid-back company as well as their aspiring stories written or told. Every person, who I’ve encountered, taught me something I won’t forget my entire life.

For instance, there is Caroline Gleich, a female American ski mountaineer and public speaker, who challenged herself by climbing up the sixth highest mountain in the world, the Cho Oyu (8,201 m) in the Himalaya. Although getting sick in between, she managed to recover and make it to the summit. She always reminds me that we’re stronger than we think we’re and that environmental activism is essential to turn it into political power for the wellbeing of our society and earth.



3. Work with a soul

As their passions drive from mother nature, most of the outdoor adventurers and athletes, as for instance Caroline Gleich or Katie Boué, care about the environment and are some sort of environmental or social activists/advocate supporting amazing brands like Patagonia. I’m also very concerned about the current developments and feel very strongly about climate change, pollution, social injustices and other issues. Therefore, I’m more than willing to assist every company that acts as a role model offering sustainable solutions and uses its voice to make a difference in the world. “Hell yeah!” – I’m on your team.



4. Voice for a healthy lifestyle

Moving and being outside is obviously very good for your fitness and physical health. I’m speaking right from experiences. I had severe back and neck pains for a very long time and my eyes are pretty bad. In order to prevent these pains from coming back and my eyes from getting worse, I’m spending at least one hour per day doing some sort of sport or stretching and make sure to have many breaks in between my laptop work. I even started to plan my day around my favorite activities: Yoga, surfing and snowboarding/skiing.

The outdoors and sport can also free people’s mind of any thoughts in order to become clear again and refocus on their goals, tasks or whatever they’re trying to accomplish. I always have to think about my mom, who forced me to leave my desk for a breath of fresh air, when I was studying for my uni exams more than eight hours a day. Her standard comment was: “Go out, do some sport and come back in an hour. You’ll be much more productive.” Moms are almost always right! It’s like pushing the reset button.

Have you also thought about the healing benefits on an emotional level? Allowing yourself a break and enjoying time with family and (new) friends helps to get to know each other better, to deepen relationships and to find yourself again. That’s why I’m a huge fan of team sports, joint expeditions and alone or twosome getaways into the wild.

Staying healthy is one of my priorities. So why not help others to achieve the same or assist companies whose mission is the wellbeing of humans?!

I hope this gives you a better idea of who I am and what I stand for. I’m curious to see, whether you’re sitting in the same boat. If you want to add something based on your own experiences, feel free to comment below.

If I caught your attention and you’d like to get to know me in a personal meeting, visit my contact page. I look forward to talking to you.